Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Produced The Newhay Way™, Timothy Hay is highly palatable, nutritionally robust, quality assured feeding hay that small animals find delicious and owners rely on.

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Why is Timothy Hay so good?

There are three distinct parts to a strand of Timothy Hay, all of which provide the ideal feed for large and small herbivores, from high performance race horses to pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small pets. Many types of hay on the market can be suitable for bedding, but small pet feeding hay should contain at least 7% protein and 13% fibre.

With a high fibre and protein content and a low sugar content, Newhay’s Timothy Hay is better quality than meadow and other standard hays making it more palatable and great for encouraging chewing in small pets to maintaining healthy teeth.

  • British Grown
  • Fibre Content
  • Protein Content
  • Moisture
  • Sugar Content
The above figures are approximations only.

1. Seed head

Timothy Hay is particularly palatable for all herbivores. The seed head is the especially delicious part of the crop that your pets will find irresistible and come to think of as a treat. 

What is Timothy Hay?

  • Timothy Hay, named after an American farmer from the eighteenth century, is a variety of grass hay that is high in fibre, and low in protein, sugar and calcium making it ideal for your small pet’s digestive system, teeth and overall health.
  • This premium variety is abundant and native to most of Europe except for the Mediterranean region and is one of the Phleum genus (grasses native to temperate regions), consisting of about 15 species of annual and perennial grasses.
  • A good quality Timothy Hay should look green, smell fresh and be free from dust and mould. If stored well, Timothy Hay can last for several years.

As nature intended

Processed to deliver the natural health benefits of wild grazing and satisfy the biological instincts of small herbivores, our premium quality feeding hay is as healthy as it is irresistible, even for the fussiest of pets. 

Rabbits Rabbits

Add an extra spring to your bunny’s hop with Timothy Feeding Hay for rabbits!

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Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs

Treat your little piggy to Timothy Feeding Hay, perfect for guinea pigs!

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Other Small Pets Other Small Pets

Satisfy your furry friend's needs with Timothy Feeding Hay for small pets!

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Homegrown goodness from our Yorkshire farm directly to your door

All of our Timothy Hay is homegrown and produced on prime land on our farm in North Yorkshire.

Dedicated to delivering quality through every stage of our process we use the purest certified seed and every strand is grown, prepared, packed and dispatched from Newhay, giving you peace of mind that every nibble will be as wholesome as the last.

Watch our video to see first hand how we grow our Timothy Hay crop and process it within 48 hours to maximise quality, reduce dust and impurities, and produce British natural goodness in every hay bale.