The most <strong>nutritious</strong> and <strong>delicious</strong> quality hay delivered to your door.

The most nutritious and delicious quality hay delivered to your door.

Created with small pets in mind, Newhay premium hay is a wholesome pleasure that makes feeding a healthy, balanced diet effortless.

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Welcome to Newhay

Produced to deliver the natural health benefits of wild grazing and satisfy the biological instincts of small herbivores, our premium quality feeding hay is as healthy as it is irresistible, for even the fussiest pets.

Rabbits Rabbits

Add an extra spring to your bunny's hop with Timothy Feeding Hay for rabbits!

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Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs

Treat your little piggy to Timothy Feeding Hay, perfect for guinea pigs!

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Other Small Pets Other Small Pets

Satisfy your furry friend’s needs with Timothy Feeding Hay for small pets!

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British homegrown provenance

At Newhay, our mission is to deliver the health benefits of natural grazing that are so important to small pets.

Selected for their nutritional value and palatability, our varieties are grown and processed entirely at Newhay in North Yorkshire, with a unique approach that retains the goodness that nature intended whilst reducing dust and harmful impurities.

The result is the most nutritious, delicious quality assured hay that small pets love and their owners rely on.

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  • We use only the purest certified seed and every strand is grown, prepared and dispatched direct from our 400 acre Yorkshire farm, ensuring British natural goodness in every nibble.

  • Newhay’s high standards of animal feed production, have been awarded accreditation and certified membership of both the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) and The Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

  • With our innovative and respectful process, The Newhay WayTM, we retain the most naturally occurring nutrients, remove harmful impurities, and go from field to pack, ready to despatch within just 48 hours.

What is Timothy Hay?

Timothy Hay is a nutritionally rich, delicious, premium feeding hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets. Buy homegrown hay bales direct from our Yorkshire farm.

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