The Newhay Way™<br/>

The Newhay Way™

Find out how we do things differently and the innovative processes which makes our Timothy Hay the best on the market.

From field to pack in just 48 hours

At Newhay we select varieties for their nutritional value and palatability and only sow the purest certified seed into fields with rich productive soil. Our whole year works towards harvesting at just the right time, when the seed head is in full bloom, and processing the crop within 48 hours with an innovative process that reduces moisture to the optimal level whilst retaining the goodness that nature intended.

Once in our barn, with more innovation we remove dust and harmful bacteria then conduct careful quality checks before packing and despatching our premium hay to our customers from our North Yorkshire farm.

With hundreds of acres of fertile, alluvial soil to grow our Timothy grass, and a purpose built factory and warehouse just two tractor miles away you can have piece of mind that every nibble will be as fresh and wholesome as the last.

A wholesome pleasure

Our process makes sure that Newhay Timothy Hay retains the nutritional benefits and palatability nature intended while fulfilling small pets’ biological grazing and foraging instincts.

The Newhay Way™ makes feeding small pets a healthy balanced diet effortless. 

A wholesome pleasure
A wholesome pleasure

Our process

Everything we do at Newhay is designed to produce the best quality Timothy Hay in every hay bale and every box and bring the health benefits of natural nutrition to small pets. Since 2004 we’ve worked tirelessly to refine our unique and innovative farming methods to create the best most palatable feeding hay. 

Our simple and respectful manufacturing process retains the most natural nutrients whilst reducing dust and bacteria, to make hay as tasty and healthy as nature intended. This is The Newhay Way™, focused on matching the nutritional benefits of natural grazing as closely as possible to make everyday feeding a wholesome pleasure for your furry friend.  

Explore our process to see how we produce tasty goodness in every bag, every box and every bite.

Perfect bloom

Our Timothy crop is cut at precisely the right time; when the seed head is in full bloom and the weather is perfect.

Within 48 hours

The cut crop on the ground is tossed every few hours to encourage the moisture to gently evaporate before being baled within 48 hours to retain nutritional content.

Optimally dried

Bales are moved from the fields directly to our custom drying machines where they are speed dried to reach optimal and consistent moisture levels throughout each bale whilst retaining the maximum nutritional content.


After further moisture testing the bales are moved from the dryers into our single-site, fully-enclosed barn which provides the perfect microclimate to suspend nutritional deterioration and maintain optimal moisture levels until it is packed and dispatched.

Filtered for goodness

Moisture levels are checked again, immediately before the hay is moved through an intensive dust extraction process that removes dust, spores, bacteria and other impurities that could cause health issues in small pets.

Naturally stemmed

After dust extraction the hay is quality and colour checked, and chopped to the ideal stem length before any foraged ingredients like dandelion, nettle, carrot and apple, are added to create our naturally flavoured varieties.

Sealed in freshness

The hay is then portioned, weighed and moves through the packing machine where it is compressed and sealed for freshness.

Quality matters

Quality control checks are undertaken throughout as well as a final check including metal detection at the final stage of the production process to ensure nothing slips through, before being dispatched for hungry pets to tuck into.