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Our hay is as wholesome and nutritious as it is delicious. With Newhay, feeding your pet a healthy balanced diet has never been easier.


Learn about the most nutritious rabbit food, what to feed rabbits and how much. Choose from a range of nutritionally rich varieties packed with natural goodness to nurture your happy and healthy bunny.

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Guinea pigs

Do you want to learn more about what to feed your cheeky little guinea pigs? or get tips on piggy care and nutrition? Newhay’s tasty Timothy Hay is perfect for these sociable little pets thanks to its' nutritional richness, high fibre and low sugar content.

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Other small pets

Discover the best type of hay for your furry little friends.  From cheeky chinchillas, rats and mice, to ferrets, hamsters, gerbils and more. Our healthy homegrown range of naturally tasty Timothy Hays are sure to keep your small pets jumping for joy.

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Discover more about us and why our hay is the best choice for your small pet

Why is Timothy Hay so good for small pets?

Timothy Hay’s high fibre, low sugar, and natural juicy strands satisfy natural grazing and foraging instincts, and tasty seed heads are irresistible to small herbivores, making it easy for them to hit the recommended daily intake.

The Newhay Way™

Everything we do at Newhay is designed to produce the best quality, most nutritious and delicious Timothy Hay for small pets. Our manufacturing process is no exception.

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