Our farm

Our farm

Newhay is a family business, with around 400 acres of rich North Yorkshire farmland, owned and managed by husband and wife team, Ian and Helen Burrows. Unlike other family farms though, Newhay is dedicated to feeding small pets.

A family business, dedicated to improvement

Newhay is the leading grower and producer of specialist hay products in the UK, supplying a wide range of products to many well known pet food brands in the UK and Europe, as well as selling premium Timothy Hay directly to small pet owners, straight from the farm.

Building on expertise in the performance equine feed trade and using his knowledge of engineering, Ian has created a unique manufacturing process for Newhay involving proprietary drying technologies and advanced dust extraction which has enabled the business to produce nutritionally rich, and incredibly palatable hay whilst maintaining an accessible price point.

With a background in agriculture, a long-term passion for farming, and a
focus on specialist grasses, including Timothy Hay, Newhay first built a reputation
for supplying premium feeds to the performance equestrian trade.

Ian's commitment to improvement drove him to invest in Newhay's manufacturing and packing capabilities and he created an innovative process that significantly reduced the levels of dust and mould in his feeds.

Not only did this have a huge impact on the performance equine market but he quickly realised the health benefits for other herbivores like domestic rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets.

In 2012 Ian won the much coveted, national 'Diversification Farmer of the Year' award from Farmer’s Weekly. Considered the 'Oscars of the farming world', the award recognised Newhay’s commitment and dedication to producing premium animal feeds, which are unrivalled in the market. 

Newhay is proud to adopt the very highest standards of animal feed production, demonstrated by achieving accreditation and certified membership of both the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) and The Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

A reputation for quality - from field, to factory, to farmhouse

Any farming business knows that smooth operations rely on hard work, commitment and flexibility, and at Newhay we have that in spades. Some of our team have been with us since the very beginning whilst others have joined more recently, but regardless of role or length of service one thing is common, a tireless dedication to quality.

Our family legacy

The Burrows family is committed to enriching the land and creating a sustainable business that will thrive for generations to come.

From seed to feed

Our field team are some of the best in the industry. Eager to work the land with trusted traditions whilst adopting new technologies that enable us to take our hay from field to pack in 48 hours.

Coming up with the goods

Even when harvest is complete and the fields are quiet our production team is working at pace make sure every bale, box and bite is as delicious and nutritious as the last.

Service with a smile

In the Newhay yard office our administrative and operational teams are working their magic coordinating all our sales and delivery activity, and generally keeping the rest of the team on track.

Responsible farming, protecting natural habitats

As a family business the land is our legacy, and we take the environment very seriously. Just some of our initiatives that protect our natural habitats include: sowing lucerne and natural meadow plants to encourage nectar loving insects, cutting field margins after the nesting season to protect birdlife, and cutting sections out of the fields during harvest, to help wildlife escape.

Quality first

All hay produced at Newhay is laboratory tested at Sciantec, a state-of-the-art, fully-accredited facility in Cawood, Yorkshire. Our regular programme of product testing continually monitors nutritional content and is a vital part of our work as it ensures that bacteria and mould spores are kept well below safe levels.

Newhay has earned a reputation for producing a consistently high standard of premium hay feed.Our unique process takes place within 48 hours of harvesting. Developed over time, each stage has been designed to keep hay as dry, fresh and green as possible to deliver the most delicious, nutritious quality assured Timothy feeding hay.

Quality first
Quality first

The Newhay Way™

Selected for their nutritional value and palatability, our Timothy Hay varieties are grown and processed entirely at Newhay in North Yorkshire with a unique approach that retains the goodness nature intended. 

The result? The most nutritious, delicious, quality assured hay that small pets love and their owners rely on.

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