Why diet is so important

Today it is commonly thought that a rabbit is the third most popular pet in the UK.  However, their anatomy and digestive system is very different to that of a Cat or Dog.


The choice out there in the market place can be overwhelming when it comes to looking for the best products for your pet.  It is important to do your research and make the right choices, as the key contributor to a rabbit’s health and wellbeing is their diet.


In their natural environment, a rabbit will eat grass.  For pet rabbits, it’s not possible to keep them on grass constantly due to where their hutches are, hence the need for a good supply of dry hay, along with permanently full water bowl.  A rabbit typically grazes for 22 hours a day so a good supply is imperative.  This will provide them with the majority of the vitamins and nutrients required.  Not only this, but their dental health will also be supported by chewing consistently on the long stems of hay.  A rabbit’s teeth grow permanently, typically at a rate of 3mm per month, which is why the hay is perfect for keeping them in good digestive and dental health.


By giving your rabbit our Timothy Hay it provides goodness and benefit to them from head to stem.  It has a fibrous cell structure which is good for digestion, healthy teeth and gut function.  It is also high in fibre, low in sugar and high in palatability.  The rabbit’s diet can then be supported with a small amount of nuggets and vegetables.  The life span of a rabbit can vary from breed to breed but some can live up to 13 years so their diet is paramount to their longevity.


In our range we have added in some complimentary ingredients in the form of Dandelion & Nettle and Carrot & Apple.  Not only do these enhance the taste but benefit in a number of ways.  Dandelions are one of the most nutritious food plants for rabbits as they are high in protein as well as easily digested.  There are a number of benefits to help with a variety of conditions.  The nettles are dried and non-stinging.  These make excellent forage as they are rich in iron, lime, sodium and chlorine.  As with the Dandelion, Nettles are a preventative against many conditions which make it a perfect ingredient combination to enhance the health and well-being of the rabbit.


The addition of a small amount of Carrot and Apple to our Timothy Hay provides the rabbits with a lovely tasty treat.  In the wild rabbits would view these ingredients as the confectionery of the wild.  These ingredients are full of nutrients however we keep the levels low to keep sugars to a minimum.


By providing your rabbit with a diet as close as possible to its natural environment it will also help to stimulate their senses so they don’t become bored.  Creating the right environment for your rabbit is imperative to creating a balanced and relaxed lifestyle.  Not only does this make for a happy rabbit but enhances the relationship between animal and owner.  When the benefits are seen of a happy pet the owner more often than not becomes more engaged in continuing this level of care.