We can’t quite believe that we’ve reached the end of October already and Halloween is upon us.  Another scary fact is that there are only 8 more Fridays left to Christmas!!

Everyone’s been busy getting arty and carving some amazing pumpkins.  Be sure not to waste them after today though!  Pumpkin is a great treat for rabbits, in moderation of course.  The rind will be less favourable but a sure winner, just like any other squash, will the be raw seeds and the inner pumpkin.  With any treats you don’t want to be giving them too much and 1 cup per 4lb should be the daily limit, remembering that 80-90% of the rabbits diets should be good, green hay like Timothy Grass.

Following swiftly on from Halloween is the night many pets owners dread…bonfire night.  For rabbits, they can become stressed very easily from loud bangs and noises.  To keep them calm and reassured that they are safe it is always a good idea to move their hutch into the house or garage if possible.  This will help dull the sound for them.  Plus, give them plenty of extra bedding so that they can snuggle down and keep themselves sheltered until the fireworks pass.  Whilst this night can be fun for humans, for our animals it can be a very unnerving time so be sure to check on them regularly to reassure them that you are there and they’re not alone.