Big or small, long hair, short hair…there’s no denying that our pets have power!

When we make the decision to get our first pet I don’t think that we can really appreciate the true impact that they’re going to have on our lives.  They very quickly become part of the family and houses become homes.

It may sound strange, and controversial to what we expect, but having a pet in the home can help to ward off allergies.  This is especially common in young children with developing immune systems.  Studies have found that the risk of allergies can be reduced by 33%.

Socialization skills are improved.  Pets can help people connect.  Some people can often find it a little difficult to interact but having a pet can help break down barriers in social situations and thus in turn, improves confidence.

Deep breaths!  Stress levels are reduced and cardiovascular health is improved.  Whether you’re out riding your horse, walking your dog or just entertaining your rabbit or guinea pig whilst they’re having a bit of grass time.  It all helps to contribute to lowering cortisol levels which help you feel calmer.

There’s no better feeling than unconditional love and this is something you can be sure to get from your pet.  Loneliness can be extremely difficult and an increasing problem in the elderly.  Having companionship from an animal can help ease these feelings and help people gain a sense of purpose.

We love #petpower!