From field to pack in
just 48 hours

From sowing and growing the right variety of grain, harvesting at the right time, when the seed head is in full bloom, to processing and packing, everything takes place on our North Yorkshire farm.

We have hundreds of acres of fertile, alluvial soil on which to grow our hay, whilst our storage and processing takes place within just two tractor miles, at our purpose built warehouse and factory.

See our farm in action – watch our video frence-post

Manufacturing & Processing

Everything we do at Newhay is designed to produce the best quality Timothy Hay. Our manufacturing is no exception.

Bales are taken from storage in fully enclosed barns; hay is moisture checked and dust is extracted.

The hay is chopped ready for packing and goes through a series of hoppers where raw materials, such as apple and carrot, dandelion and marigold, may be added.

The hay is weighed and goes into the packing machine, where it is sealed for freshness.

Quality control checks include metal detection takes place at the final stage of the production process.

Depending on supplier requirements, our packs are bundled, shrink-wrapped and stacked on pallets ready for final distribution.

Our Products

It’s now possible to buy our hay products direct from the farm.  Click on each product to buy direct.