Since the launch of the Newhay range of premium Timothy Hay earlier this year we have had a fantastic demand through our online shop which has been an exciting launch platform, and one we are constantly developing to make the customer shopping experience a happy one.  We do believe though, that nothing beats a good old face to face chat with a friendly, knowledgeable business owner who is passionate about pets.  That is why we are looking for independent pet shops we can work in partnership with! 

The team here at Newhay are extremely passionate about educating and helping rabbit and guinea pig owners choose the right feed for their animals.  Rabbits are the third most popular pet choice in UK households but can be quickly forgotten about.  This has resulted in obesity levels for these animals increasing quite considerably.  The PFMA Pet Data Report 2017 stated that 32% of small animals  are overweight and the costs associated with this for the pet owner will become substantial over the lifetime of the pet if a solution is not found.

For us providing a high quality premium feeding hay is more than just a feed.  We want to work with independant pet businesses across the UK that share our passion and vision for developing a fantastic product range for the customer as well as learning from business owners and supporting small businesses.  We have over 10 years experience and are fully accredited for feed production so you can rest assured that you are providing your customers with a premium, accredited feed.  The passion for what we do and the products we produce are what drives us forward every day.  We know that this passion is felt by businesses across the UK, striving to do something a little different, offer a bit more.  Let’s make 2018 the best yet!



Get in touch today, via phone on 01757 630730 or email us, [email protected]